Mock Trial State Finals

Hurrah to our amazing Mock Trial team and coaches! Team A worked their way to the State Finals Tournament on March 25 in Lansing where they made it it all the way to the final round. Here is Dean Karen's summary of the competition:

"Semi-finals: CHS went up against Huron High School in a spririted clash. On our plaintiff's team was Grace Jensen (Opening Statement), Lucas Cole (Closing Argument), and Zev Miklethun, who served as attorneys.  Each attorney conducted a direct exam for one witness and cross exam for another, while making and arguing objections. (Zev and Lucas attend Skyline.) Witnesses were Taylor Tucker-Gray as the poor math teacher who was unjustly tased by police, Adrian Huntley who witnessed the tasing, and KT Meono as the expert witness.

Huron's team gave a strong challenge, but Community deftly defeated Huron, advancing CHS to the finals. Within moments of winning semis, CHS learned that the defense team would go up against Kalamazoo Central, a longtime powerhouse on the Mock Trial and debate circuits.
Defense team attorneys included Antoni Alvarez (Opening), Adrian Huntley, and Hannah Rubenstein (Closing). Noah Dworkin portrayed the dutiful officer who tased a suspect in an armed robbery who refused to stop when ordered. Sadly for the officer, the suspect in question was not the armed robber, but an innocent math teacher. Lucas Cole was the expert witness. James Nedeltchev was the sweetest 14-year-old witness who was terrified by a suspect (turned out to be a math teacher from his school) ignoring police, charging a group of students, and being tased before his very eyes.
The final round was incredible. At competition there are three 'judges' (they may be real life judges or real life attorneys) who score each section of the trial. Two of the 'judges' act like they are jurors and make no comments during the trial. The third 'judge' is the presiding judge. In the case of the final round, we had a real-life judge presiding over the trial. 
There were so many highlights from the round. Each and every one of our students was exceptionally prepared, poised, elegant, ferocious yet professional. In the end Kalamazoo Central won on a split decision. Two judges voted for Kal Central - one by only a single point margin. The presiding judge voted for CHS. I've been involved in Mock Trial for many years - a couple in Wisconsin, and nearly 15 years in Michigan. In all that time I never once heard a judge need to refer case law before ruling on an objection. This is an indicator of the level of sophistication and finesse that was demonstrated in the round.
Although we technically came in 2nd place, our team members were champions!"