May 2013 Update

Posted by Merri Lynn Colligan on 5/1/2013

Will the labs and laptops still have the same software when the new computers are in place?
No. The new computers being purchased have the new Mountain Lion operating system. Many of our software packages are unable to function on this new operating system. Consequently, the district will be upgrading some of the software to newer versions, while other software will be retired as it is unable to run in the new environment and there is no upgrade path. The bond committee is working with the Curriculum Coordinators to identify new resources when retiring existing software. Attached is the list of software that will be installed on the new computers for the labs and the 12 new carts being installed in elementary schools with the oldest laptop carts.

Will teacher laptops be upgraded to Mountain Lion to match the student laptops?
No. Due to the age of the devices, the cost and the pending replacement of the teacher laptops, the district will not be upgrading the operating system for these devices. It is recommended that teachers utilize a new student laptop or desktop to demonstrate for students until the teacher laptops are replaced. The Tech bond committee is reviewing the new software to determine which software can be rolled out to the existing teacher laptops and the timelines for this rollout.