May 2015 Update

Posted by Merri Lynn Colligan on 5/1/2015

2015-16 Classroom Technology Enhancement Recommendation

The final projects for Series I of the 2012 Technology Bond focus on the devices and supporting systems for teaching and learning in every classroom across the district.

The technology package in every classroom space currently includes a digital projector with soundfield system. With this next wave of enhancements, a document camera will be available in each classroom instructional space.

In addition, the technology enhancements planned will provide every building:

       an increase in the overall number of mobile devices available to assist in instruction and assessment

       a variety of tools to meet the differing needs across curricular areas and levels



      Macbook Air Laptops

      Windows computers for Project Lead the Way Labs

      an allocation of devices for supplementing instructional services (BYOD, Rotational Model, project base learning, innovative practices, special areas, magnets)

      two iPads for use in the music class

      Kiosk Display

      Needed upgrades to printers in offices and common areas (Lab or MediaCenters)

      Network Storage and Back-up systems for staff and student files.