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Skyline Office 734-994-6515 Skyline Attendance 734-994-7842


  • Skyline High School Spring Break Information
    Monday, March 27th - Friday, March 31st

    All of our 12-month employees will be working remotely during spring break.  Below is information on who you can contact and their business hours:  

    Laurie Adams
    Athletics: 734-994-7075
    OP Athletics: 734-994-7075, ext: 55100

    Jefferson Bilsborrow
    Main Office: 734-994-6515
    OP Secretary to the Principal: 734-994-6515, ext: 55202

    Brodie Brockie
    Main Office: 734-994-6515
    OP General Office Manager: 734-994-6515, ext: 55200

    Jolene Everard
    Main Office: 734-994-6515
    OP Finance: 734-994-6515, ext: 55204
    OP Facilities Rentals: 734-994-7419

    Deanna Tippett
    Main Office: 734-994-6515
    OP Scheduling/Count: 734-994-7700, ext: 55441

    Business Hours:



    AM Break


    PM Break

    End Time

    Laurie Adams

    8:00 AM




    4:30 PM

    Jefferson Bilsborrow

    7:00 AM




    3:30 PM

    Brodie Brockie

    7:00 AM




    4:00 PM

    Jolene Everard

    7:00 AM




    3:30 PM

    Deanna Tippett

    6:45 AM




    3:15 PM

    Click HERE for March's Community Resource and Partnership Updates!  This month's resources include FREE dental events, FREE citizenship classes, FREE tax help and more!

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    Our Mission

    The mission of Skyline High School is to build and sustain a community that promotes personal connections, inquiry, agile minds, and determination.  We nurture these qualities every day in everyone.

    Our Motto

    Agile Minds. Big Hearts. Deep Questions.

    Michigan Green Schools Logo  

    Skyline is a Certified Green School with the prestigious Evergreen status 

    Statement of Non-Discrimination 

    Senior Parent Night for the Graduating Class of 2023: Video, Packet, & Presentation

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Staff Space

  • Mini Crest

    The Skyline Staff Space is a non-public location limited to our faculty and staff. We use this space to collaborate professionally. This allows us to asynchronously develop and share curriculum, resources, and best practices that improve the quality of instruction and climate for all students. This link is in a prominent spot to allow the faculty and staff easy access.