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Skyline Office 734-994-6515 Skyline Attendance 734-994-7842


  • AAPS Schools will remain closed until Aptil 13th. See below for all assistance needs.
     Technical Support

    For technical support, our amazing IT team has established a help hotline for our families. Please call 734-997-1222 for help from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM each weekday..

    Skyline High School- School Learning Platforms

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    This is a tough time for all of us! If you are struggling with any issues, please reach out to a trusted adult - parents, relative, or a member of the school support team. They want to help us! 

    Don’t forget the other resources we can access:

    Skyline School Nurse, Kristin Mahler (734-216-0900)

    Community Health CARES Team 24/7 (734-544-3050)

    Ozone House 24-hour Crisis Hotline (734-662-2222) 

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255) 

    Our student support team will be monitoring their email and voicemail messages to support you.


    Heather Schimmel (9th grade Integrity & Diversity students & Skysquad advisor)  994-7695

    Charissa Bass (9th grade Equality & Innovation students & Skysquad advisor)  994-7685

    Dennis Brunzell (A-De 10-12)    (734)994-7674

    Dave Almassy (Di-H 10-12)  (734)994-8492

    Liza Dedvukaj (I-Mi 10-12)  (734)994-7721

    Jacinta Nafziger (Mo-Sh 10-12)  (734)994-7701

    Tiffany Kincaid (Si-Z 10-12)  (734)994-7683

    Social Workers:

    Molly Anderson (734)994-6515 ext 55359

    Melissa Schmidt (734) 994-6515 ext 55340

    School Psychologist:

    Andy Nalepa  (734)994-6515 ext 55338


    Cory McElmeel- Head Principal (734) 994-7001

    Sal Barrientes- SLC Principal (Equality and Academic Innovation) (734) 994-7033

    Casey Elmore- SLC Principal (Diversity and Integrity) (734) 994-7031

    Amina Allen- 9th Grade Dean- (734) 994-6515 ext. 55209

    Bob Wellman- Athletic Director/Assistant Principal- (734) 994-7075

    Administrator Office Hours
    Skyline's administrative team typically responds to all communications within a 24-48 hour time frame.  During this unprecedented closure, we will continue to do our best to respond to communications throughout the regular workday.  To help students and families keep in contact with school administration we have also established some "real-time" office hours on school days.  During the following hours Skyline administrators will be doing our best to respond live to emails coming in.  
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 9:30-10:30 am
    Tuesday, Thursday - 1:00-2:00pm
    *Hours are subject to change*

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    For further information on the district’s COVID-19 response please go to Under the Community Resources tab, you will find additional resources and contact information. 

     Welcome to the Skyline High School Learning community!


    Our Mission

    The mission of Skyline High School is to build and sustain a community that promotes personal connections, inquiry, agile minds, and determination.  We nurture these qualities every day in everyone.

    Our Motto

    Agile Minds. Big Hearts. Deep Questions.

    Michigan Green Schools Logo  

    Skyline is Certified Green School with the prestigious Evergreen status 

    Statement of Non-Discrimination 



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Staff Space

  • Mini Crest

    The Skyline Staff Space is a non-public location limited to our faculty and staff. We use this space to collaborate professionally. This allows us to asynchronously develop and share curriculum, resources, and best practices that improve the quality of instruction and climate for all students. This link is in a prominent spot to allow the faculty and staff easy access.


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